Here is a selection of lovely comments we have received from our happy readers.


Dear Sue

I bought “Owl to the Rescue” from you today at Tatton, for my very young granddaughter.

It is a book truly to treasure! The rhyming couplet style is great, the illustrations lovely and finding the animals in the story is a great idea! We look forward to many hours of enjoyment with it and to reading the other stories too!

Kindest good wishes.

Anne Webb

Anne Webb

Hello Sue

I just wanted you to know that you have made one grandma very happy indeed with your books!

I bought all four books last June for my daughter (Adele’s) son, Theo, and you kindly signed them for me.  He’s still only 2 but he absolutely loves the stories.  He insists on ‘Alfie’s Story’ being read to him every night.

And even if I hide the book out of his sight, he still finds it!

Helen Martin (Reddish, Stockport)

This comment from a returning customer who came to the Tatton Christmas fair.

PS Adele came back later to buy all four books for her niece!

Helen Martin

This is Ella who lives in Australia. “She really does love and treasure her Alfie book”, says her grandmother, Janis, who sent us this photo. A bit of a detective story accompanies this picture.

Fiona, Sue’s gardener, used to do some gardening for Sue (as she would, being a gardener!)  Fiona also gardened for Dorothy – Ella’s great-great aunt – who lived in Derbyshire.  Fiona asked Sue to sign this book for Aunt Dorothy, who planned to send it to Ella in Australia. Sadly, Dorothy died before she could do this.

Dorothy’s sister (Janis, Ella’s grandmother) came over from Australia for the funeral and found the book intended for Ella. So she took it back to Australia with her and passed it on to Ella.  Several months later, Janis noticed that Ella treasured the book very much, so she decided she’d like to make contact with the author to tell her this.  Hence this picture and the message from Janis.

(Ella’s Mum gave us permission to publish this picture of Ella).

Janis, Ella's grandmother

Katie Walker to Sue Wilkins – Children’s Books.  

Just wanted to say how much my daughter Willow and I love your books.

We got “Alfie’s Story” for Christmas, and she loves holding the little cat toy while I read her the book.

Will definitely buy other books from you when I see them for sale xxx.

(Katie has given her permission for this FB message and picture to be used).

Katie Walker, Willow's mum

From Sir John Timpson, CBE

“Dear Sue

“Thank you for sending me your books which I think are great.  I am not an education expert but I know a few who are and may be interested in using them in connection with their work.”

As a result of Sir John’s support, two of my books are now featured on the NurtureUK website.


Nurtureuk is dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people and removing barriers to learning by promoting nurture in education. They have a particular interest in adopted and fostered children. “Alfie’s Story” and “Milly, Molly and Maisy” are both stories about adoption – from an animal’s perspective.

Sir John Timpson, CBE

Hi Lindsay

My next book, “Milly, Molly and Maisy”, has arrived! Would you like to be first (again) to have some on sale?

Hello Sue – yes of course, I’d be offended if I wasn’t!  Congratulations on having your fourth book released – yippee!

(Lindsay was the first outlet to stock my first book and she has sold 282 books in just four years.  Here’s her display…)

Lindsay Barksby, Forest Garden Centre, Two Dales

Dear Sue,

I bought a couple of books from you today for our granddaughters Eden and Freya and I like them so much I’d like to buy the other two later books you have written too. Please sign one to Ralph and one to Otis if possible.

Sue Robertson (customer at Countryfile Live, Blenheim Palace)


Sue Robertson

My mum would like a set of signed books for my nephew’s birthday please – she got well jealous when she saw the ones we had bought at the show.

Helen Cummins, after Ashover Show

Helen Cummins

Our kids’ club presenter Amy is delighted with your book and the recording we did and it will be going out tomorrow morning between 11 and 12 midday and probably on subsequent occasions going forward.
Many thanks again for doing this for us and hopefully we can do some more extracts from your lovely books in future.

Sean Stevenson, Spire Radio, Chesterfield

Sean Stevenson

This morning I purchased one of your beautiful books, Alfie’s Story, along with a cuddly Alfie. I have read it twice and know it’s a perfect choice for my children at school. It’s such a well written and beautifully illustrated book.
I have worked with post-adopted children with many difficulties and this book lends itself to be part of social stories groups.

Mandy Novacki, Pott Shrigley Primary School, Cheshire

Mandy Novacki, Pott Shrigley Primary School, Cheshire

Dear Sue,
Thank you for your Christmas wishes. I was happy to be able to order items for young family members!
Your books are enchanting and I like your method of marketing; love the comment about the cartwheel after ordering!
Kind regards,
Nova x


I just wanted you to know that my Reception Class absolutely love Alfie. He’s a regular request from them.

Zoe Mann, Reception teacher, Salford Primary School 

Zoe Mann, Salford Primary School

Sue – many thanks for sending through the 3 books we ordered recently. They are even nicer than anticipated and will make super gifts for our granddaughter and great nephew. It was so kind of you to sign them all as well – thank you.

We would also like to buy some copies of Milly, Molly and Maisy.

Gina Clutterbuck

Gina Clutterbuck

“Passionate about encouraging
children to read”