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Owl to the Rescue


Wise old owl saves two of his woodland friends…
… and another day’s work is done!

Postage and packing costs are £3.95, up to a maximum of six books, or a maximum of four items if the order includes soft toys.



“The woodland animals slept well that night,
Except owl, of course, on his moonlit flight.”

Another of Sue’s beautifully illustrated books, ideal for bedtime and anytime stories for up to 7 year olds.
The 32-page book is a glossy paperback measuring 24.5cm by 24.5cm.

“Owl to the Rescue” is a woodland story.  Watching over all his woodland friends, Owl finds he has to come to the aid of two of them.  There is also a character soft toy to go with the story.

Click on this image to read some of the pages from the story and to see the quiz at the end.

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