Yesterday had me reading “Alfie’s Story” out loud on local radio – Elastic FM.  This was a first for Alfie and for me.

At the Eckington Craft Fair back in December, I met George O’Neil of Elastic FM.  He had invited me to join him on his show and to bring Alfie along.  Elastic FM is a community owned and run radio station, based in Clowne, Derbyshire and serving the areas around Bolsover and Clowne.  George was keen for people to know about my new website at

Alfie and I were both very nervous, neither of us ever having appeared on live radio before.  But George was great at putting us at our ease.  After asking me questions about how I came to write “Alfie’s Story”, he asked me to read it on air.  And I don’t think I’m telling tales when I tell you that George had a tear in his eye at the end of it!

We then spoke for a few minutes about how the story can be interpreted on several different levels.  George said he could see it having relevance for children who have been fostered or adopted.  We also agreed that it was relevant to other “outsiders” in our society, such as the homeless and refugees.