I was recently surprised to receive an email from Australia.  Turns out that a very lovely grandmother who lives over there was on holiday in the UK last year and bought “Alfie’s Story” and an Alfie soft toy cat to go with it.  Back in Oz, she gave them both to her grandson, Finn.

Finn cuddling Alfie

A picture of Finn cuddling Alfie over in Australia

What happened next surprised the whole family. 

Finn really fell in love with Alfie and wouldn’t go anywhere without him.  Here’s a typical photo of him, cuddling Alfie.

His parents and grandparents were so worried about what might happen if they ever lost Alfie or if he was damaged that they decided they’d better have a spare – an instant replacement.

So the email from grandma explained this and asked if we could supply her with a second Alfie. 

After exchanging bank details and checking postage costs, Alfie was ready for his flight to Australia.

We are optimistic that, when he grows up, Finn might run our Australian distribution centre!